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ÖKOTEK Ekological Product Markets

The story of Okotek Ecological Product Markets began in the middle of the eighties while our founder Nesrin Barlas was living in Germany. She observed the increasing capacity of interest on ekological products. Afterwards immediately studied and began to work on this subect .

It is better to understand the extent of this interest, while considering that there are nearly around
6000 ecological product shops only in Germany.

Ökotek Ecological Product Markets was established on 1994 in Istanbul as the first ekological product market of Turkiye after a hard labour of Nesrin Barlas to support a specific mission: Providing products which are not harmfull for health, does not pollute the environment and also represent %100 ekological truely to it’s consumers.

As paralel to sell ekological products, detailed informations about pollutive matterials and environment pollution are given to our conscious consumers by the specialist of the OKOTEK Ekological Product Market.

Ökotek Ekolojik Ürün Marketleri which is the first ecological market chain of Turkey is selling only certificated 100% ecological cosmetics and products. Foremost the 100% ecological cosmetics of the leading German Logona and Sante Ekological Cosmetics with BDIH certificate products, lots of different kind of 100% ecological products is sold by us.

According to the rising interest nowadays in Turkiye the aim of our Ökotek Ecological Product Markets is to grow with franchising system and to have 20 shops in the following two years arround Turkiye. Right now we have totally 6 Okotek Ecological Product Shops and more than 50 selling points.

Okotek Ecological Product Market shop chains are a suborganization of Ökotek Çevre Teknolojisi ve Kimya San. Ltd. Şti. which is a leading company in the field of environmental technology for 19 years in Turkiye. The center of ÖKOTEK is in the World Trade Center of Istanbul.


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